10 things to do in Barcelona

A new blog post is finally here. I've been very busy with university and work that I never found the time to write a new post. Moreover, I did not have any adventures to write about. Sometimes sitting at home in my room, studying and not really doing anything depresses me.  I feel alive in [...]

Hiking in Bavaria

Hi. Yes I'm still alive. I know I haven't been posting regularly at all, and that is because I've dived back into the ''normal'' way of  life. My year of traveling and endless time to write and be creative on this site is over. I will continue posting whenever I get the chance, though I [...]

Tromsø, Norway

After Oslo I decided I really wanted to see northern Norway one last time before heading back home. So I booked a flight to the biggest town in the Arctic of Norway, Tromsø. It has about 70,000 inhabitants and is famous for its beautiful northern lights and the midnight sun, which I witnessed. I never [...]

Ølmedal, Norway

Already a week into our next farm stay and I have so much to write about! We arrived very tired last Sunday evening after about a 10 hour bus ride from our last farm. Our new "family" (mother, father and their son) welcomed us right away with a big tray of homemade pizza. They live [...]